Monday, March 7, 2011

How to make a Roux

I've had a few people ask me for more "how-tos" so I thought I'd start with this :)

A "roux" (pronounced "roo") is a fancy french term that basically means the combination of flour and fat (typically butter).  This is how you thicken sauces, gravy, soup and stews.  It's VERY simple and once you master it, you can make all types of sauces.  Here's how:

Melt butter in a pan
photo by sara tady ©

Sprinkle in equal parts flour and vigorously stir to eliminate any clumps.
photo by sara tady ©

Allow the butter and flour to cook together 2-3 minutes.  The longer you let this cook, the deeper the color and the richer the flavor.  And that's it!  
photo by sara tady ©

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