Friday, March 4, 2011

Asian Smorgasbord

A couple weekends ago we were lucky enough to host some of our favorite people for dinner and drinks before we headed out on the town.  Instead of putting together the standard appetizers, beer, and wine, I decided to have an asian inspired feast.  I completely cheated and took 100% help from the store as well as some of our favorite restaurants.  My friends brought over an assortment of Japanese beers as well as Sake.  Everything was delicious and the fortune cookies provided some friendly banter. Try this out the next time you're hosting!

photo by sara tady ©
An assortment of sushi rolls from Lip's on Southport. 

photo by sara tady ©
 Edamame from the freezer section- steamed and salted

photo by sara tady ©
Korean Tacos 
Grilled beef short ribs with toasted sesame seeds

photo by sara tady ©
 Pork Potstickers and Chicken Cilantro dumlings from Trader Joes

photo by sara tady ©
Fortune Cookies- you can get a box of these at the grocery store :)

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