Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seared Honey Glazed Tuna Steak Salad

photo by sara tady ©
So, I'm cheating a little because this isn't exactly a recipe.  It does, however, fall into the category of easy, fresh and affordable.  Among those categories, you can also add impressive, elegant and fulfilling.  Tuna steak is best when it's prepared medium-rare.  I had mine with a simple balsamic vinaigrette.  
Here are a few pointers:

  • This is a case where your pan/grill should be HOT before you put the tuna on
  • Mix together a bit of salt, pepper, and equal parts olive oil and honey to glaze the tuna
  • Spread the glaze on the tuna
  • Drop onto the hot pan/grill
  • Sear for roughly 4* (maybe 5) minutes on 1 side
  • The fish will "let you know" when it's ready to be flipped- it will separate itself vs. sticking to the pan/grill for (somewhat) easy flipping.  If the 4 minutes go by and you find yourself fighting to flip the tuna, the pan might not of been hot enough.  Either way, try your best to flip it while keeping the fish intact.  You don't want to wait and risk it being overdone.
  • Once on the 2nd side, you've only got about 2-3 minutes before it's done. The second side always cooks faster.
  • Slice tuna AGAINST the grain to keep it from falling apart.
  • Simple Balsamic Vinaigrette
    • add a few pinches of salt and pepper, 1 part balsamic, 2 parts extra virgin olive oil. Whisk together.

* Adjust cooking times if you'd like it cooked medium, though I don't recommend it :)
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  1. I think this is a great recipe and am eager to try it out!