Monday, October 4, 2010

Bleu Cheese Burger with Bacon and Shallot rings on a Pretzel Bun

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We can't be good eaters all the time, so when it's time to be a little naughty, I live by "go big or go home".  Here's my attempt to recreate the delicious, awesomeness that is DMK Burger.  If you haven't been- give it a try! Of course, please feel free to omit or alter any of the main ingredients to your liking!

Ground Beef
Bleu Cheese
Pretzel Roll (or whatever you like)
1 Tomato
Leaf Lettuce
2 Shallots
1 Onion
Canola or Vegetable Oil
Worcestershire sauce
Dijon Mustard

step 1: place ground beef in a mixing bowl.  Grate/chop about half an onion, 1 tbsp of worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp of dijon into bowl. Combine but do NOT over-mix.  Shape into burger patties.
step 2: Heat about a cup of canola oil in a pan on MED-HIGH heat
step 3: Pour about a 1/2 cup of flour into a small bowl.
step 4: peel shallot and slice into rings as thin as possible.  Drop into flour bowl.  Shake off excess flour.
step 5: Quick tip- place bacon strips in the microwave to cook (roughly 3 mins) Saves time and your kitchen from smelling like bacon for days :)
step 6: Place burgers onto grill, MED heat. Grill for 3-4 mins on one side, flip.  Grill for another 3 mins for medium.  Turn off heat. Sprinkle bleu cheese on top of burger.  Close grill lid to melt. *cooking times vary depending on thickness of burger
step 7: drop shallot rings into hot canola oil.  KEEP AN EYE on these.  These only take about 30 seconds.  Pull out of oil at the first sign of golden crispiness. Plan on paper towel.
step 8: Pull burgers off grill, place on bun, top with bacon, shallot strings, sliced tomato and lettuce. Add any other condiments as you see fit.

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