Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Fuss Appetizer Platter

photo by sara tady ©
Hosting cocktail and dinner parties is one of my favorite things.  One of the things i've learned is how to take the pressure off by serving no-cook appetizers.  Here's one I made a couple weeks ago for a cocktail party.  Hopefully mine will get your wheels turning for your next party!

3 Varieties of Cheese (I used a creamy bleu, an herbed goat, and a smoky gouda)
a handful of dried fruits (I use cranberries and apricots)
a package of Salami- hot calabrese is my favorite
a bunch of green grapes
a handful of green olives
a handful of sweet or spicy nuts
a sweet fruit preserve is a bonus for the bleu cheese
hummus - my favorites are Sabra or Cedar's Home
Carrots or another veggie for the hummus
pita chips or crackers for the cheeses


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